Contracts for Services and Consultations

Ohana is available to provide services to family members who wish to avail themselves of professional expertise to assist them in the performance of their formal duties. Such service can be provided by entering into a contract as the hired agent of the family member for either an ongoing role or a short-term consultation.

Areas in which our staff has provided privately contracted services in the past include:

  1. Analysis of accountings submitted by persons who held fiduciary roles.
  2. Assistance with the preparation of accountings.
  3. Assistance with conducting a functional assessment of an incapacitated person, and with development of a care plan to meet the person’s identified needs.
  4. Assistance with the management and/or sale of real property.
  5. Assistance with development of investment proposals and selection of an investment broker.
  6. Management of financial affairs in consultation with the family member.
  7. Management of care needs in consultation with the family member.

Such contracts are unique to each specific situation, and must be crafted through thoughtful discussion between the parties. We have found the best approach is for the family member to be represented by an attorney who can at least review the contract and provide counsel in the process of its formulation.