Clarita A. Portwine

Accounting Manager

Clarita Portwine has been working in the professional fiduciary business since 1999. She worked in the accounting department of a large local fiduciary firm for about eight years, then was promoted to Operations Manager of that same firm. In the accounting department, she was responsible for paying client bills and posting all banking, investment and property transactions to the accounting system; ensuring that all information in the accounting system reconciled to financial institution statements; assisting with annual audits; and assisting with organization of tax return information. As Operations Manager, she trained and supervised accounting and support staff in the performance of those functions, and assisted with income tax return preparation for the firm's clients.

As Accounting Manager for Ohana since 2009, Clarita is responsible for similar duties.  She also maintains the accounting system that supports management of our clients' financial affairs by staff Financial Managers, oversees the full cycle accounting function and procedures, including general ledger maintenance, and manages aspects of IRS reporting compliance for our clients.

Clarita has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of San Carlos, Phillipines. She completed Trust Accounting System course work in 2003, and H&R Block Income Tax course work in 2000.


Irene Abercrombie

Administrative Assistant



Irene fulfills the roles of front desk reception, office management, administrative assistant, and coordination of client intake.  She has worked for many years in the mortgage lending industry.  Prior to that she attended college at the University of Hawaii, then served in the Navy as an administrative specialist for six years. 


Amanda Maley

Administrative Assistant

Amanda serves as front desk reception, office management, and administrative assistant for Ohana. Before joining Ohana she worked for many years in administration and operations management in industries such as investment management and advertising. Amanda has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from U.C.L.A.


Barbara Waterhouse Fulp



Barbara has been working part time at Ohana since 2014, to assist with preparation of client financial reports and organization of documents needed for each client’s income tax return.  As the work flow allows, she also reconciles the operating account statements for each client.



Morale Manager

Webster is a Miniature Schnauzer who joined Ohana full time in August 2008, when he was 10 weeks old, immediately fulfilling his role as manager of office morale.  His duties included greeting all employees upon his arrival to ensure they start the day with a positive outlook, providing interludes of affection and humor throughout the day to keep staff uplifted, and alerting us of the presence of visitors in the reception area.

Additionally, from time to time Webster utilized his talents to serve as an ice breaker with clients and fellow professionals.

Webster is extremely conscientious about his duties at Ohana, and never missed a day of work until late 2014, when he joined our founder in her semi-retirement schedule, and then in late 2016, flew off into the sunset into full retirement.  We retain his presence on our site in recognition of his dedication during his time at Ohana.